The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we composed a reax of Joe Lieberman's latest antics on healthcare reform. Yglesias vented about how shackled Congress is by the GOP minority (which seems to include Joe these days). In other news, the head of the Anglican Church spoke out against the Uganda bill, cross-dressing activism in Iran grew stronger, and the regime finally made a move against the detained American hikers.

Among the posts composed by Conor today, he tackled Jonah Goldberg over his views of proper punditry, spotlighted a detestable sheriff, recommended a sprawling new piece by Jim Manzi, and blegged for: recommended Southern sites, journalism from 2009, unreported topics, and jokes. Among Sprung's writings today, he examined Secretary Gates' approach to Pakistan, sized up the latest spat between Greenwald and Joe Klein over Af-Pak, and profiled the hidden beauty of Buffalo, New York.

In other coverage, Patrick joined Larison and Yglesias in critiquing Taibbi's latest liberal tirade against the Obama administration. Appel also continued his discussion over the inner-workings of the Dish and I dug up a passage from Sully addressing the same.

People actually buy these for dogs.

-- C.B.