The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw DC formally embrace marriage equality, marijuana appeared to surpass tobacco use among the youth, Hizballah rebranded itself, and things looked grim for Americans detained in Iran. Regarding news that detainees are headed to Illinois, a reader from that state got tough and Jennifer Rubin got petty. Hannity, meanwhile, got scary.

Patrick corralled and participated in the bloggy debate over Lieberman here, here, here, and here. He also surveyed the death of the Medicare buy-in. Sprung dissected Lieberman's record on Medicare expansion, rounded up comparisons between Afghanistan and Vietnam, went another round with Greenwald over war justification in Afghanistan, and explored with Elizabeth Warren the government's approach to big banks. Friedersdorf discussed the role of contrarianism in media, scrutinized a profile of Secretary Clinton, touched upon the hysteria over sex crimes with Balko, and chewed over the future of immigration with Manzi.

In other commentary, Dan Savage reacted to the legalization of male prostitution in Nevada and Douthat discussed prison reform. Our conversation on Houston's charms continued here and here, and our look at holiday spending ended here. We also watched octopuses and I looked at explosions.

-- C.B.