The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we monitored the public mourning of Montazeri. Robert Worth explained the significance of his death, Mousavi could have been killed, and we watched some stirring footage here, here, here, and here. The Times of London helped us look ahead.

In healthcare commentary, Jon Cohn and Maggie Mahar dove into the details, Krugman talked cost, Adam Ozimek tackled pork, Ambinder dispensed wisdom, and Ezra predicted a quick fade of public debate. Andrew recognized Obama keeping his "universal" pledge and Douthat called out the AWOL of the GOP.  We also noted some predictable partisanship, ugly rhetoric, and really ugly rhetoric.

In assorted commentary, Andrew examined the 1990s in depth and Fareed put a spotlight on Iraq. Sarah Palin became the liar of the year (even without the latest doozy over "threats" to her daughters). Human Events lionized Cheney while Newt did his best imitation. Julian Sanchez took on Dish readers over free will, Jerry Coyne revisited theodicy, and readers discussed the atheist "ban." Patrick elucidated the workings of the Dish and elicited some feedback from James Joyner. This was a great quote.

We continued to compile Christmas songs here, here, and here, with some cynical smack-down here. The Dish began a retrospective on this year's Recession Views. And be sure to check out our annual contest if you missed it.

-- C.B.