The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew presented his first-year evaluation of Obama. Readers responded here and here. John Cole reviewed the president's record of promises while Steve Lombardo and Andrew analyzed his approval rating.

Sully also tackled Robbie George over natural law and responded to a reader's dissent on Gore. Sprung fisked Jane Hamsher on healthcare and worried about the future. Megan called out Harry Reid. Beck set off the red hathos alert while others on the paranoid right continued to retreat to the fifties. And their fearless leader tweeted some more on death panels.

The Dish revisited Jim Manzi's important piece in National Affairs and ran more commentary on gays in comics. More depressing Christmas songs from Roy Orbison and Dr. Elmo. Another VFYR update here. Ten more MHBs of the year here. And a spectacular viral skit here.

-- C.B.

(Today's Wrap brought to you from the Chicago O'Hare Airport. Ugh.)