The Arrest Of Ebrahim Yazdi


It's a big deal as an Iranian reader explains:

At 3 AM this morning they arrested Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi, he is one of the most seasoned politicians in all of Iran. Foreign Minster to the transitional government of the revolution, he resigned along side the cabinet at the wake of the hostage crisis . He is the leader of one of Iran's oldest political parties, the "freedom movement".

This is a party formed by allies of Dr. Mosadeq in 1953 and Mehdi Bzaragan, the first prime minister of the revolution. Although mainly an older men's club, it had a symbolic relevance and it was less involved with the day to day politics the way reformist parties have been engaged in.

He is 72 and has been struggling with cancer for a few years now. What does this arrest mean? Where are they going with this? Yazdi is perhaps the most known Iranian opposition figure internationally. Many foreign ministers and international dignitaries have good personal relationship with him.