Seizing The Instruments Of Control

The video above shows a crowd commandeering a baseej vehicle and removing the cop. We're seeing more and more seizure of the instruments of control - burned baseej buildings, rescued prisoners, stolen helmets, burnt motorbikes. This is no longer the peaceful demos of June. Saeed Valadbaygi III is live-blogging. He reports:

The number of participants in demonstrations has reached over hundreds of thousands. These protests have largely been concentrated in the central, southern and northern parts of Tehran. People are also preparing for extensive demonstrations at Sham-e Ghariban ceremonies tonight. They have resisted the violent attacks by government forces and a large number have become injured or lost their lives.

Some of the chants heard on the streets today have included: “Ya Mahdi! Eradicate the roots of oppression!”, “This is the month of blood! Seyed Ali [Khamenei] is going down!”, “Down with the Dictator!”, “We are not from ‘Koofeh’ to support Yazid!”, “Rape, Murder, Down with the Jurisprudence!”, “Dictator should know, he will be toppled very soon!”, and “Death to Khamenei”, among others.

He also passes on some chilling new developments:

Streets leading to Mohseni Sq, where Sham-e Ghariban ceremonies are expected to take place, have been blocked by security forces. At the moment, the number of security forces exceeds that of the people.

Some sources and eye witnesses have reported that the bodies of victims of the clashes today have been transferred to a government office in Taleqani Street. A Jeep has been seen entering the building, while desperately trying to cover up the bodies in the back of the car with jackets.

Moments later, a Peugeot carrying bodies in the back was also seen going into the building and taking off when the bodies were removed from the car.