Sarah Palin Does Not Mean What She Says She Means

Watching Republican partisans squirm or downplay today's Palin birtherism has been entertaining. Allahpundit sighs:

Well, the best way not to get tagged as a Birther is to refrain from saying that people are “rightfully making it an issue” and that the only reason that she would avoid doing that herself is because “there are enough members of the electorate who still want answers.” It’s the same thing as Truthers saying that all they’re doing is “asking questions.” The answers have already been provided; they just reject them because they’re married to their conspiracies.

Confederate Yankee:

I'd like to find a politician worth listening to, and those that play to conspiracy theories won't be getting my support.

Dan Riehl:

It gave me a chuckle more than anything. It does say a lot about Sarah Palin and why people like her so much.  She's candid, honest and unafraid. Those are extremely rare qualities in politicians these days. She's really just making a few simple points that are undeniably true.


[M]y personal opinion is that while President Obama may likely have been born in Hawaii, there is obviously something else on his birth certificate that he doesn't want us to see, and he's devoted considerable time, money and energy towards that end. I will leave it to the imagination of my readers as to what that might be.


You want to make the point that according to conventional political wisdom she shouldn't have answered RH's questions, fine, make that point. You clearly don't understand what sort of politician Gov. Palin is, but you're free to make it. What you're not free to do, though, is use faulty logic to compare her position to that of the Trig Truthers - or any kind of Truthers. That's way off base.


One might wonder whether a national Dem of prominence comparable to hers is making noise about Trig, but she has a modest point about the size of the fever swamps.