Rick Warren's "Catalyst"

Religion Dispatches interviews filmmaker Lisa Dargen, who pressured the evangelical leader to condemn the Uganda bill:

Darden believes that Warren’s noncommittal statement [to Newsweek] revealed that the evangelical Christian community didn’t believe that the Uganda story would be such big news in the United States and that they would not be asked to address it. Darden said she tried to impress upon [Warren's publicist and Darden friend Larry] Ross just how serious this story was, and with Maddow pushing it nightly on her show, how important it would become for Warren to speak out boldly against the measure, rather than dodge the question.

“I gave them a heads up. They didn’t have a clue what was coming down the pike, but I hoped that my call would be a catalyst for them to finally respond,” she said, noting that Ross has subsequently sent her a thank-you note for her involvement.