Rhetorical Questions

by Patrick Appel

Kristol, the GOP's id, maps out the road ahead:

The moment [health care reform] passes, Mitch McConnell might introduce free-standing legislation repealing the Medicare cuts.

So all that talk about the deficit was just partisanship? He continues:

Republicans could highlight their opposition to Big Pharma and Big Insurance by trying to force votes--in 2010--on drug re-importation and more insurance competition, measures that could go into effect right away so as to be of immediate benefit to the American people.

Both parties get money from Pharma and Insurance. Does Kristol seriously believe that the GOP wants to take on either of these interests? If they did, a couple of Republican votes for the bill might buy some action on these issues. His final suggestion.

And of course they should promise to relieve the American people of the prospect of living under the Democrats' health bureaucracy regime by promising repeal of the whole thing in 2011.

Should the bill pass, the Democrats will filibuster any attempt to repeal it. Or does Kristol think we are going to see a twenty seat swing in the Senate?