Quote For The Day

"I had an interesting conversation with an Alaskan two days ago who had spent time speaking with one of Sarah’s family members. My friend was curious how Sarah’s extended family and small circle of close friends, who know the truth behind many of the mistruths she tells the rest of the nation handle what they know her deceptions to be. “It was so surreal,” my friend recounted. It is as if there is real reality, and then there is “Sarah Reality” and in Sarah Reality whatever Sarah wishes were true at the moment, whatever she wants to be true, then that is what true is for her, and subsequently for those in her inner circle and her fan base. Sarah is not to be questioned. She is to be agreed with and honored.

My friend went on to say this particular family member mentioned that Sarah was the “most important person in the world right now” and that Christians needed to get behind her and pray for her.

There seemed to be a total lack of understanding that all Christians may not agree with or support Sarah and Sarah’s viewpoint/s. If she were simply an isolated individual having what sounds to be some sort of delusional experience, it would be kind of interesting and sad. But it disturbs me that so many people across the country have seemingly swallowed hook, line and sinker whatever she tells them. It feels like her fans are more like disciples – not to a doctrine, since she doesn’t seem to have one – but just to her," - commenter on First Things, a Christianist-theocon publication.