Quote For The Day

"I remember you asked me back in January if I loved my guy. And in light of all that's happened in this first year, I still do. Even more so. And I also have a strong sensebased not just on polls but on a lot of folks I've talked to who don't always pay attention to politicsthat he DOES have that base of people who still love him too. It's hard to detect, because the part of the 'base' that's represented on cable and on blogs is so vocal (and by vocal I mean shrill), but it's there. I also read it in the letters he gets. Some of them are amazingly poignant and appreciative of what he's done and what he's doing. Some of them are toughvery toughbut still respectful and hopeful that he's doing the right thing. Even if they're unsure right now, they want him to succeed. . ." - an Obama administration worker who feels as I do about this president.