One Window Of Many

A reader writes:

I just opened my book tonight.  It's cold and snowing outside, and I'm surrounded by boxes and half-packed items.  I'm moving in a few days, into a new home--my first.  But the hustle and bustle of the moment means I'm having to forgo traveling to family, and for the first time in my life I am alone on Christmas Eve.Window-cover

As I leaf through the book in an empty place, there's one deep, constant feeling.  I've never felt  so at home in the world.  We're all here, looking out windows and hoping and working through the day.  And the way Chris put it all together--we're waking up together, going to bed together, reading together.  We're experiencing together, and we're all connected by the Dish.  I'm reading along with people in 80 countries!  How amazing to know that?  And I don't think I really knew it till now.

You mention in the prologue that you started up the windows to give us insight into ourselves, your readership, to hold up a mirror.  For me (a 10 time daily reader) the windows were usually only a passing fancy, breaking up the meat of the day.

Not so anymore.  Brilliant job.  And you just made my Christmas Eve way warmer than outside.  Thanks.

It really is much more than the sum of its parts. You can buy it here.