Not Blue America, Not Red America

Kevin Drum wants to know when Obama willl give up on bipartisanship:

Obama clearly seems dedicated to a program of compromise and bipartisan comity, and he wants to keep at it long enough to give it a real chance of working.  But how long is long enough?  I never really believed Republicans were ever likely to respond to olive branches in the first place they need a few more years in the wilderness before they're willing to really take stock of the corner they've painted themselves into so I'm not a good judge of this.  But it's been nearly a year now and Republicans, if anything, are more intransigent than they were on inauguration day. How much longer does Obama give them? Another year? Two? At what point does he finally give up and decide that he's just being played for a patsy?

He keeps going because the party that loses the middle is the party that looks the most intransigent and ideological. I hope he keeps up the kind of discipline he has so far.