Meep Meep: Readers Respond

A reader writes:

Your views aren't part of the minority, they're part of the Silent Majority.  The Vocal Minority may win the news cycle (i.e. fantasy world), but out here in the real world, we can see the progress.


It is disgusting to see the far left complaining about Obama as much as the right wing does. Hope the sane Center holds.


There is actually a pretty simple reason for the unhappiness with Obama of many on the left.  Many on the left decry the consumerist behavior of some Americans -- spending on anything that happens to catch their fancy, whether they really need it, or can afford it, or not.  But much of the left is infected with exactly the same flaw: the demand for instant gratification.

They want all of the things that they want (albeit not material goods, mostly), and they want them NOW!  And those who are not merely unhappy, but furious at not getting all the wonderful things that they expected from an Obama administration, simply have a more severe case.

Real life doesn't work that way.  But the spoiled baby boomers (and their children who were raised on the same philosophy) never accept that -- and I know, that's my generation.  So they will never be satisfied with the performance of anyone, simply because instant gratification is impossible.  It would be impossible even in an absolute dictatorship, and it is many times more impossible in a democracy.  Sorry folks, but you can't have all of what you want; and even the things you can have, you won't get instantly.  Deal with it.

Of course, i complained loudly about the foot-dragging on gay issues. But I understand the logic from Obama's point of view. My main beef was with the HRC which failed yet again to stand up for the gays on the core issues. I think the marriage fight is largely won but fear that a loss of Democratic majorities in 2010 could prevent the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.