Life As Part Of Sully's Brain, Ctd

by Patrick Appel

News Busters has a field day with my last post. Lachlan Markay pretends that my doing research for Andrew is the same as Lynn Vincent writing Sarah Palin's book. I wish I'd the talent to ghostblog for Andrew. As I've written numerous times, basically everything I write under Andrew's name is a naked link or excerpt.

What I am very good at is finding and organizing information online in real time. I'm not nearly as talented a writer as Andrew is, a fact readers ceaseless remind me of whenever I guest-blog for the Dish. Andrew has an inhuman ability to write a well-reasoned and beautifully-crafted 700-word blog post in about fifteen minutes. If Lachlan looks at the Dish this week and doesn't notice a difference, then his reading comprehension is pitiful.