Leaving The Left, Ctd

A reader writes:

Thank goodness people are starting to leave the left.  Their abandonment of Obama is as unconscionable as the right's refusal to work with him.  This is not about Clintonian centrism.  This is about decency and working together to solve problems.  Neither end of the spectrum is able to deliver.  Obama is almost solitary in his desire and ability to tackle problems of epic proportion while realizing that we live in a very heterogeneous society.  More and more of the reasonable people have to speak up against the right and left.  This is not about following lockstep with an agenda or sitting on the fence.  It is about a willingness to solve critical problems with an acknowledgment that all people at the table cannot possibly agree on everything.

Another adds:

I agree with the blogger's sentiment. The loud-mouths on the Left are becoming nearly as hysterical and vicious as those on the right. 

Obama is studiously trying to avoid the recent practice of using the majority in the legislature to completely steamroll and/or ignore the other voices in our political discourse. In order to reach any kind of real 'bipartisanship' the party in power must be the one to be inclusive, to listen, and to not rub it in. The left needs to get over it, because Obama is practicing what he preached all through the campaign of 2008.

It seems that the left had deluded themselves into thinking that Obama was kidding with regard to some of his positions (like Afghanistan), was fibbing to try and win votes, but that he would revert to partisan form after he had won. If Obama catches heat from the left and right but maintains the middle, he is doing what I hoped he would do (and what he said he would do) when I voted for him.

Another adds:

I am so glad that I am not alone as a dejected progressive/democrat. At this point, politically, I am homeless. I marvel (unhappily) on a daily basis on how myopic and stubborn many of those on the left have become in regards to President Obama. I wonder if any of these people have ever truly had to make hard decisions in their lives. Have they not ever had to weigh all consequences? Have they never held a senior position at a company and had to examine and make a thoughtful decision that everyone at the company will not like, but will the company as a whole will be better for?

These are real choices people, not a schoolyard fantasy, in which our guy, king of the geeks, is finally captain of the kickball team, and now he can pick us fellow geeks and play us all in sweet revenge against the jocks. He is not playing. He is leading. Not even one year in, I am willing to continue to trust his instinct, his grace, his patience and his measured hand.

These are the reasons I voted for him. Hope for a leader, not hope for “everything to be completely different from the previous guy regardless of the consequences”, which is what I think many immature democrats are upset about.  What a bunch of selfish babies.