Leaving The Left, Ctd

A reader writes:

One of your readers wrote:

The most basic things that we demanded are also the easiest to fix in procedural terms, the closing of Guantanamo, the repudiation and prosecution of torture, and the ending of Abu Ghraib like practices at Bagram. Surely these things are not in reality easy and carry with them a very real political cost, but Obama as commander in chief and the executive has the power to do these things (and indeed has pursued some of them) without entering the political landmine of Congress.

This to me sums up quite well why Obama can't win with the left (of which I'm a part).  To summarize: "Obama's not doing these things that are the easiest ... but aren't in fact easy ... and oh yeah, he is actually doing some of them."  Reading that gave me a headache, and I can't even imagine being in Obama's shoes and having to face that every hour of every day from his erstwhile allies, not to mention the crazies on the right.

I have visions of Obama getting a bunch of stuff done in office, not getting any credit for it from anyone and the US being returned to the next Bush/McCain/Palin clone and not being able to figure out why.  They pretend to acknowledge that governing is difficult and serious business, then can't stop acting like governing is easy and focusing on the inane and insane.