Is This Mousavi's Nephew?

Via IranNewsNow, this video is purported to show the body of Mousavi's nephew, whose murder by the Baseej has been confirmed. The killing of family members of the legitimate government of Iran is another step toward Mousavi dead the abyss, it seems to me. How does the regime control or police or prevent the burial and the mourning period from becoming a way in which Mousavi becomes personally associated with martyrdom? Or is Mousavi's and Khatami's and Karroubi's fate now sealed as well? But wouldn't that lead to an explosion of rage?

If you are a regime like Khamenei's, you never want things to degenerate to this point: when you are actually murdering the families of the election winners in the streets in the face of massive violence. It speaks to me of desperation, of a failure to get a grip on any kind of authority after the fatal June elections. And so the regime increasingly has to wage war on its own people to survive.