Iran In Revolt: December 26

More videos are emerging. Here's one of honking cars, which were attacked by Baseej, according to several press reports:

DNO reports:

Because of protesters, traffic on Azadi Avenue was very slow today. As drivers started to honk their horns, plainclothesmen attacked many of them in order to stop the noise. According to reports, many cars’ windows were broken. In some instances, plainclothesmen would drag drivers out of their vehicles and beat them on the streets for honking their horns. In recent months, honking car horns on protest days has become another symbol of the Green Movement.

More raw footage here. One more note:

In Tehran, a new chant is being heard: “Tehran has become Karbala!” (Karbala is an Iraqi city where Imam Hossein and 72 of his family members and followers were massacred in the 7th century A.D. In the Islamic calendar, the day falls tomorrow.)

The NYT reports on nation-wide revolt and brutal suppression:

Government forces also attacked cars whose drivers had honked in support of the protesters, and smashed their windows. Many vehicles’ license plates were taken away.

“They beat up people relentlessly although many were in mourning groups for Imam Hussein,” said a witness, who spoke via Skype on the condition of anonymity. “I saw many people with bloody noses or limping away. It was clear that they particularly targeted women and savagely beat them.”

My own paper, the Sunday Times, relays reports that journalists are also being attacked:

The opposition Jaras website claimed security forces had attacked a building housing Isna, an Iranian news agency, where it said some demonstrators had sought shelter during the clashes. An eyewitness said at least two people were injured when police chased after protesters into the building.

“They fractured the skull of one Isna person and badly beat up another employee,” the witness said. Isna’s news service appeared to be working normally and it later issued a report on the incident, saying one of its reporters had been injured without specifying who was to blame.

They live increasingly under a military dictatorship. Unless they can find a way to bring it down.