Gay In The Comics

Brent Bozell complained a few years ago that gays are featured in comic strips, or in Bozell's words, that comics have become "a red-light neighborhood where sexually perverted superheroes...[are] packaged to elicit from children fascination and sympathy". John Haffner Jeet Heer responds by posting old homophobic comics:

There are enough of these gay characters that one could easily do an anthology called “The Gay Image In Comics before Stonewall.” The general point to make about these characters is that they are all homophobic stereotypes, although the tone of the representation varies greatly. Sometimes the cartoonists were mildly satirical (as swishy she-men), sometimes melodramatically hostile (as vile seducers of children).

One last point needs to be made: conservatives like Bozell never objected to these gay stereotypes when they flourished in the comics. So what people of this ilk are upset about is not the representation of homosexual per se, but about the fact that gays are increasingly shown in a neutral or favourable light. As long as gays are represented in a homophobic way, Bozell and his political allies would never raise a voice of objection. For the Bozells of the world, it is okay to show gays, as long as you don’t show them as human beings.

(Hat tip: Hit & Run)