From The In-Tray II

Another of my constant correspondents. The energy this must take. He has penned hundreds this year and many before. A flavor of the usual themes (mainly about my AIDS dementia):

I understand that David Bradley has put you on suicide watch as a result of this poll. Even your arch nemesis, Dick Cheney, is approaching Obama approval levels. I wonder when the calls for impeachment will begin since you and Gleenwald will be just about the only supporters left.

And again:

The above single sentence excerpt from your post, reads as if written by a drugged and/or drunken fool. As far as one can determine, the folks at The National Review are not, as is your particular case, fucking idiots and dementia-driven fools. Stronger views to follow.

And again:

Your initial post and your response to this reader represent a new low in your dementia-infested mind. 

And again:

I do visit your site with a fair degree of regularity when I'm not otherwise busy with my other life. I must say, however, that the continued decline in your mental state makes continuation of that highly problematic. I have offered in the past, and I continue to offer, the names and recommendations of several highly acclaimed medical professionals who could perhaps be of assistance to you in this phase of your life. In fact, perhaps the leading such authority in the world is among my neighbors in Gstaad.

By the way, I notice that you have totally ducked the basic thrust of my e-mail, which had to do with the fact that you have largely relied on whack jobs and perverts for much of your defamatory comments on Governor Palin.

Oh tidings of comfort and joy!