For The Record

"President George Bush should immediately issue a blanket pardon to all members of his administration who have engaged in the war on terror, both formulating policies and implementing those policies. We must not allow the left, working on behalf of our enemies, to lead Barack Obama down this most dangerous road. The best way to stop that is for the current President to deny any ability to prosecute American heros who have kept us safe for eight years," Erick Erickson, January 11, 2009.

"We are no longer a nation of laws. [...] When the men and women who run this nation, which is supposedly a nation of laws not men, choose to ignore the laws and bribe the men, the people cannot be blamed for wanting to dissolve political bands connecting them to that government," - Erick Erickson, yesterday, on Harry Reid's provision in the healthcare bill that would require a supermajority to change any regulation imposed by the Independent Medicare Advisory Boards (aka "death panels").