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Fact-Checking Going Rogue Update

It is indeed hard to fact-check a work of fiction, but since the McCain campaign never vetted her and Harper Collins never edited her, someone's gotta do it:

Former Gov. Sarah Palin, who has had a rocky relationship with the state's capital city, says in her book there were some ugly threats made against her daughters while they were attending Juneau schools. Those threats reportedly caused daughter Willow Palin to be removed from the Juneau School District...

So let's check in with reality, shall we?

Former Juneau School District Superintendent Peggy Cowan was superintendent during the period in question and said she never heard of such concerns.

"That was never reported to my office," she said. "I am completely confident that I never heard that."

Cowan was contacted in Barrow, where she is now the superintendent at the North Slope Borough School District.

Had a report been made to Juneau schools, Cowan said she would have worked with the principals at the schools to determine how seriously the threats should be taken and how to ensure the safety of the children.

Juneau Police Chief Greg Browning similarly said his department has no record of ever being alerted to such threats.

His department's school resource officers are in Juneau schools daily, and would likely have been alerted to such threats, had they been made, he said.

The Alaska State Troopers provide a security detail for Palin, but trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said the first they heard about the allegation was from Palin's book.