Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I would abandon the word 'denialist'. it is too close to 'deniers'. There are lots of (disparaging) ways to describe those who agree that warming is going on but that man is not the chief cause without using a word coined specifically to describe those who cast doubt on the fact of the Holocaust. Call them idiots or flat-earthers or morons. Call the apostates or dissenters. Call them Palinenetologists. Saying that questioning AGW or the degree to which it is responsible for warming or beyond that the entire approach favored by the environmental mainstream to deal with it is akin to those who denied the camps goes beyond innocent provocations as when conservatives delight in calling the Democratic Party the 'Democrat' party. That is just childish. Those willing to use it demonstrate either their own insecurity or (as in Gore's case) that they are arrogant to a grotesque degree and unaware of it.