Dissent Of The Day

by Patrick Appel

Pivoting off my criticism of Taibbi, a reader writes:

The funny thing is, the fringe on both the Left AND the Right believed all the BS coming out about Obama during the election. All the Jeremiah Wright stuff, the Muslim stuff, the Ayers stuff. The fringe Left believed in these things about Obama, just as strongly as the fringe Right. Only the Right used it as evidence of what was dangerous for America and voted against him, while the Left used it as evidence of how great Obama would be for America and voted for him.
What we see playing out is the same as we've seen on the fringe Right for some time now. A belief in a certain false narrative of Obama, and how that belief distorts your thinking. Only difference is, you mock the right mercilessly for this, yet treat the Left with the utmost deference intellectually.

The Left was invested in Obama the Revolutionary, who was going to abolish capitalism, throw rich whites in jail, and put on a beret. The fact you don't mock them for this is typical of what's become of the Dish in recent years.