Descending On Qom


Montazeri's burial today at the Ma'asoumeh shrine is drawing Iranians far and wide:

The event threatened to turn into a security nightmare for the authorities amid reports that thousands were travelling from as far away as Isfahan and Najafabad, Montazeri's birthplace. Reformist websites reported that the road between Tehran and Qom was clogged with motorists heading to the funeral. Riot police were deployed throughout Qom in preparation for a mass turnout of anti-government demonstrators, while security forces surrounded Montazeri's house. The reformist website Rah-e Sabz reported that some political activists had been contacted by intelligence agents and warned that they would face arrest if they tried to attend the funeral.

The regime has also jammed the BBC's Persian TV signal. For another look at Montazeri's centrality to Iranian politics, Tehran Bureau has composed a lengthy obituary.