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Depressing Christmas Songs, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

Laura Nyro's "Christmas in My Soul" is the most depressing Christmas song. Written about the the Vietnam War, the Civil Right Era, the poisonous politics of those times, and it is just as relevant today, although and perhaps because it contains a call for peace, tolerance and hope.

Lyrics after the jump:

I love my country as it dies

In war and pain before my eyes

I walk the streets where disrespect has been

The sins of politics, the politics of sin

The heartlessness that darkens my soul

On Christmas.

Red and silver on the leaves

Fallen white snow runs softly through the trees

Madonnas weep for wars of hell

They blow out the candles and haunt Noel

The missing love that rings through the world

On Christmas.

Black panther brothers bound in jail

Chicago seven and the justice scale

Homeless Indian of Manhattan Isle

All God's sons have gone to trial

And all God's love is out of style

On Christmas.

Now the time has come to fight

laws in the book of love burn bright

people you must win for thee America

her dignity

for all the high court world to see

on christmas

Christmas in my soul

Christmas in my soul

Christmas in my soul.

Come young braves

Come young children

Christmas in my soul


in my soul


to this world.