Depressing Christmas Songs, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

I nominate "Christmas Morning" by Lyle Lovett. Off the album "The Road to Ensanada", which was, I think, the first album he made after his divorce from Julia Roberts. Couldn't find the video, but here's a link to the album on Lala. Also, here are the lyrics. Brutal.

After the jump:

The girl at the grocery she's pretty and seems nice

But she looks right through me with eyes cold as ice

She never answers when I ask her name

She only says I should have a great day

But hey what could she mean by that?

Perhaps I'm the fool she takes me for

Not anything more

I guess it's the season the time of the year

When people they're happy and full of good cheer

Well they'll wish you and kiss you and wish you again

And they'll tell you it's peace and good will to all men

But hey what could they mean by that?

Perhaps I'm the fool they take me for

Not anything more

We stood at the altar and you held my hand

And everyone watched as the preacher he asked

Will you take him and love him for bad and for good

You looked at me then you told him you would

But hey what did you mean by that?

Perhaps I'm the fool you take me for

And not anything more

Now each Christmas morning I sit in my chair

And I look up at the angels that float through the air

Some look down upon me, some come to my side

And they tell me that Jesus he said to say hi