Conservative Of The Year

Human Events gives the award to war criminal and deficit-lover Dick Cheney. John Bolton wrote the editorial, natch:

Cheney knows that the personal attacks on him, as offensive as they are, in reality constitute stark evidence that Obama and his supporters are simply unable to match him in the substantive policy debate. An old lawyers’ cliché says: “If the law is against you, pound on the facts; if the facts are against you, pound on the law; if the law and the facts are against you, pound on the table.” Obama and his supporters are doing the political equivalent of continuous table-pounding, because that’s basically all they have to offer. Cheney’s unwillingness to be deterred by the media assaults on his character, his judgment and his performance in office are therefore his most impressive force multiplier with the general public. Outside-the-Beltway Americans see him for exactly what he is: a very experienced, very dedicated patriot, giving his fellow citizens his best analysis on how to keep them and their country safe.

Adam Serwer sighs. I find the whole nyah-nyah tone absurd; and the refusal to face up to the fundamental breach of the rule of law and the legacy of importing torture and abuse of prisoners directly into the American system of government to be as depressing as it is familiar.

(Hat tip: Weigel)