Chart Of The Day

Rec Reform - Dollars
The above is Jon Cohn's attempt to measure the impact of the current bill against the status quo for various socio-economic segments:

Here's a graph showing people's incomes (the blue bar), the amount they could pay in medical bills without reform (the green bar), and the amount they could pay with reform (the orange bar).

It seems pretty obvious to me that it's a huge boon to the working poor who need healthcare and cannot now afford it. Meanwhile, Ezra thinks the health care debate will soon largely fade from view:

Health-care reform is very big on the scale of things that Congress normally does, but very small in comparison to our health-care system, or even our health-care problem. This bill isn't as good a bill as it needs to be, in large part because it leaves so much of a broken system untouched. But by the same token, it is not as vulnerable a bill as it could be, because it leave so much of a politically powerful system untouched. The political system will move onto other things, and the underlying policy isn't dramatic enough to hold America's attention.