A Gay Man In Uganda: "I Will Only Die Once"

Ugandan blogger, GayUganda, is waiting for the new law - inspired by American Christianists, abetted by Rick Warren - that will soon jail or execute him for being who he is. I'm unsure when in history a group of American "Christians" have actually intervened in a foreign country to create what is the equivalent of an ongoing pogrom of terror against a tiny minority, scapegoating them as evil, demanding that their own families inform on them if they are gay or face legal punishment, and threatening the death penalty for any homosexual daring to have a love life. And I can only imagine what the response in America would be if the target were any other minority - Jews or immigrants or the sick - or the usual targets of majoritarian hate. But a declaration of a form of genocide against gays gets shrugged off by the world's leaders, including the Pope, whose silence is reminiscent of another Pope not so long ago.

This gay Ugandan blogger's latest post is here - a heart-rending blend of disbelief, optimism and pessimism. From the comments section, a reader asks:

I hope the bill wont see the light of the day. How about your safety and that of other gay men at the moment?

The blogger's response:

Ha, life is unfair. No real assurance, or insurance to it.

Ok, seriously, what about our safety? Well, we are making lots of noise as and when we can now. When the bill becomes law, those of us who are out will be most likely hauled in for any more 'promotion' of homosexuality...!

But, sometimes, sometimes it is actually worth the while to hang out ones neck. Afterall, I will only die once.... Gallows humour. But, better than nothing.