A Full, Delicious Life


by Chris Bodenner

Goldblog has an engaging interview with Jonathan Safran Foer over his new book, "Eating Animals." Here Jeff basically asks Jonathan why he's not militant about his principled stance against meat:

I was really moved, I have to say, by some of the small farms that I went to. I would say that the goodness of good farmers might have surprised me more than the badness of bad farmers. Maybe that's just because I had more exposure to what factory farming was. But I went to farms where animals were treated better than I treat my dog, and it would just be impossible to try to honestly argue that they don't have good lives. So of course, they're killed in the end, but our lives are destined for death also. We're not getting killed, but there are slaughterhouses that kill these animals in ways that they don't anticipate death or feel it. So to argue against such farms, you have to get into a sort of philosophical terrain that I don't get into

(Photo by Alex Ogle)