250,000 People Without A Bookstore, Ctd

A reader writes:

I have one small quibble with your post (and the LA Times article) about the closing of the last bookstore in Laredo, TX. While the people of Laredo's options for buying books have been seriously diminished with the closing of the B. Dalton it is not really accurate to say that their only choice is to go online.  These days you can find a surprisingly large selection of books (and certainly all bestsellers) at Target, Walmart, and even grocery stores all of which Laredo has in abundance.  Moreover, Laredo has a number of college bookstores where people can buy popular books in addition to books for school.  I understand the symbolic significance of there being no bookstore in a city the size of Laredo (really I do, I work as a manager at a bookstore), but it is a mistake to assume that the people there suddenly have no place to go and purchase books in their town.