Scott Lucas relays the spin from government-run Press TV:

Students in Iran gathered to commemorate the national Student Day as reports suggest a number of anti-government protesters have attempted to hijack the occasion…. The occasion…provided opposition protesters with an opportunity to stage anti-government demonstrations. However, their efforts were foiled thanks to the presence of anti-riot forces in several parts of the capital….

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that police arrested a number of the rioters who set on fire trash bins. The news agency added that a group of rioters wearing green clothes destroyed the Amir Kabir University’s entrance gate on Vali Asr street and attacked the students inside the campus. The rioters, IRNA said, also tore down the security station inside the university. They also threw rocks at a bank on campus. The report added that students in return chanted slogans, calling the rioters “traitors.”

The above video - labeled "Showing Money To The Basiji" - was shot at Amir Kabir University. Tehran Bureau recorded a related chant:

Pool naft chi shode/ Kharj basiji shode: "What happed to the oil money/ It was spent on the Basiji"