"One Of Texas' Best Kept Secrets," Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

Great...another slam at San Francisco.  This one is a bit different because in addition to the usual bitchy insults at those of us who live here, your writer did include justified praise for our city's beauty.  I suppose that's progress of a sort.

I've lived in San Francisco for half of my life now, and while I've met a few boorish, hard-core lefties they are no more abundant than the boorish, hard-core righties I grew up around in suburban Cleveland.  In fact, San Francisco has more of a sense of neighborhood and community than anywhere else I've lived or even visited.  The people are just as nice and you can usually count on your neighbor to feed your cat and make sure your kid isn't running into the street.  Golly, just like anywhere else.

And as for lighting a cigarette at a party - nobody will give you a second look if you do so outside, but that's the rule just about anyplace else these days.  And I laughed out loud at the idea that it's "heresy" to oppose the federal government in favor of the free market.  Reaching for such a hackneyed and shopworn cliche should have caused your bullshit monitor to jump around with sparks flying, but because it's perfectly acceptable to throw cheap, ridiculous insults at San Franciscans perhaps it didn't even make a peep.

What's I find so strange is that if a San Franciscan ever suggested that someplace else wasn't as nice a place to live, they would be subjected to all sorts taunts about elitism.  But when everyone else is constantly slamming our beautiful city, it's perfectly OK.

For what it's worth, I visited San Francisco for the first time last month and totally fell in love.  Hotel des Arts is a great place to stay.  Foreign Cinema for dinner.  Working Girls' Cafe for egg sandwiches.  And if you're a native in need a custom bike, go here.