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"It Gives Me A Different Perspective"

A reader writes:

Just got my copies of your book.  FAB-U-LOUS!  Love it.  One copy is for my dad for Christmas.  He's a retired foreign service officer with the State Department and has been to many of the locales pictured.  Truly, a strangely mesmerizing "read."

Another writes:

I have been anxiously awaiting this book, since the daily feature on your blog is one of my favorites.  In March, while on my honeymoon, I found myself taking pictures of views out of windows constantly.  We visited Milan, Venice, Florence, Amalfi and Rome.  I would take COVER-front pictures of views from museum windows, hotel windows, anywhere there was a window my camera would get a shot.  It gives a different perspective and I like how it makes me look twice at that picture.  It is real life, no staging.

The book itself arrived a short while ago, and I'm happy to see how small it is, since I will be able to put in my enclosed front porch - more like a sun room, since it is all windows and glass.  No matter where you sit in that room you must look through a window, or glass door, making every view from that room like the pictures you post daily.  It is my favorite room, and this book is perfect for it.

Thank you so much, this brightened my day.


I got my book yesterday, a gift for my brother. But I was very disappointed! The reason? It's wrapped in plastic, so I can't look inside before I give it to him!  I just know I won't be able to stand the suspense and will open the plastic for a peak before I gift-wrap it. I should have gotten myself one too.

Preview the book online here. Buy it here. But do so quickly; only 41 copies remain at the crowd-sourced price of $16.25, after which it will cost $29.95, the regular price.