"A Small Sense Of Ownership"

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

After reading more reviews today, I felt like I wanted to send in my thoughts. I too enjoy the daily feature, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed the book.  Turning each page slowly, seeing the familiar and not familiar, those that are consistent with how I imagined a certain place, and those that are at odds with how I pictured a place – it was like a journey around the world, which I plan to take again and again. Window-cover

Then, I started thinking about how you all can take this project a bit further.  Perhaps you’ve already thought about it too, but I would love to see follow up publications.  Something like “View from Your Window – January” with a collection of photos from different places taken during  each month of the year.  A whole 12 book set!  Or if that’s too much, maybe just based on the seasons so that you have a 4 book set.

I regret just getting two copies, because there are so many people for whom this would make a wonderful gift.

We also received a suggestion about doing versions from individual cities. Another reader writes:

I just received my copy of "the View From My Window" and lo and behold, there's one of my pictures in it! I am filled with disproportionate delight and glee! When my picture made it onto the site I had a similar experience; I felt like dancing with excitement and pride.

Why is this? I ask myself. Why such a large response? All I can come up with by way of self reflective explanation is that being published on the site, and then being published in the book underlines some small sense of ownership I feel in the Daily Dish. So often Andrew's (and Clarkdalehelpers') writings parallel things I have been thinking or feeling, or help me gently cross-section and unfold long held ideas and ideals. Reading the Daily Dish, I never feel talked down to or pressured to hold any particular philosophy, political or religious. In other words, I am free to listen and learn, agree or disagree, as though I am in conversation with friends.

So, thank you. Thank you for your hard work each day, for the intelligence and passion in the writings. Thank you for showing me each day a view from someone else's life. And thank you for the honor of including a view from my window in this lovely book.

Details on how to get the book here.