You Knew This Was Coming

Palin is now accusing president Obama of not acknowledging the sacrifices of the troops:

“There’s been a lack of acknowledgement by our president in understanding what it is that the American military provides in terms of, obviously, the safety, the security of our country. I want him to acknowledge the sacrifices that these individual men and women our sons, our daughters, our moms, our dads, our brothers and sisters are providing this country to keep us safe.”

One imagines that, to take just two recent examples, she did not hear the president's Fort Hood speech or know of his recent trip to Dover. But of course, the reality is not what matters. What matters is attacking the president of the United States as a traitor to his own soldiers. And what is in the interest of those soldiers? More war, of course. And no presidential analysis of strategy - just being "tough" and adopting maximalist interventionism.