Why The Dish?

A reader writes:

You and others have reported that Sarah Palin read your blog regularly while on the campaign.  I read every single one of your posts throughout the whole process and find myself confused as to how someone could read all or some of what you wrote and still remain so devoid of self-awareness and self-criticism.  How could someone be confronted with his/her own demonstrable falsehoods and erratic behavior, like she is supposed to have been, and not make any sort of change?  It doesn't make any sense to me. 

It only makes sense that she would continue to read your blog for a couple of reasons: 1) you were asking the questions that she was terrified of or 2) she is so arrogant or self-loathing that she would choose to read direct criticisms of herself for her own pleasure.  But those reasons still don't answer why she read the Dish specifically.  It really wasn't that difficult to find blogs critical of Sarah Palin in 2008, why the Dish?I am sure she had many more important things to read than your blog. 

This for me is one more reason why you should continue to ask questions about her pregnancy.  If she did adopt Bristol's baby - is there anything more beautiful than a mother who would risk public criticism to protect her child and grandson?  Is there any more reason to admire her as a mother? No and no, it would be a beautiful act of selflessness.  And had she not made her pregnancy such a central part of her appeal to the base then the question of her pregnancy wouldn't even matter.  But she did, so it does. 

I hope we can just get the facts out on the table and move forward. I would like us to move past the controversy so we can ask her substantive questions about her ideas, as an aspiring political leader, for the future of the country.  That way she can be discredited for her lack of vision, intellect, and ideas instead of adored for her fearlessness in the face of the "Librul Media."