The Weekend Wrap

This weekend the Dish covered Scozzafava's surrender in NY-23. The local paper shifted support from Scozzafava to the Democrat, she soon followed suit, Charles Franklin looked where voters could go, a reader followed up, another reader shared a shrewd strategy, Andrew sounded off, and Ambers looked ahead.

In other news, DOJ dumped some documents, Ban Ki-moon pushed the remaining HIV-ban countries to follow the US, Plouffe talked Palin, Chris Wallace fawned over Limbaugh, The Advocate was swallowed by Out, and Jon Krakauer explained how McChrystal lied about the Tillman incident.

In religion and science coverage, we examined the rise of creationism among Muslims and its relatively short history in the US, Jerry Coyne discussed atheism and evolution, and Hitchens talked about talking to religious people. In other coverage, Breitbart found a gay against marriage equality, Jonah Lehrer examined online junk food, and we watched the history of evolving gay characters on TV.

In Halloween coverage, we took a look at the holiday in DC, highlighted a few more great costumes, realized how adorable bats can be, watched a family carve a pumpkin, re-watched a horrifying tale of torture, saw some terrifying taxidermy, and discovered the true identity of manbearpig.

In Andrew's column, he contrasted the the wars on prohibition in the US and the UK. Also, he examined the Johnston-Palin war at length.

-- C.B.