The Weekend Wrap

Over the weekend we saw reported proof that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin can't get enough of the Dish. McCain staffers already shot back at Palin's falsehoods - 32 of which are reiterated here - and Palin already accused the AP of "making things up." To see who is lying and who is not, the Dish issued an open challenge to the former VP nominee.

In other Palin-like news, Liz Cheney leveled cant against the president, a reader went after Hannity's dishonesty, and Bill Kristol showed his fascist side.

On the spiritual beat, Andrew responded the Dreher's latest questioning of gay Catholics and reflected on a religious moment he shared with a shoe shiner at the Waco airport. A reader offered some perspective on Catholic loyalty while another cringed at the Church's charity-withholding threat in DC.

The Dish continued to look back at the first decade of the 21st century here, here, and here. We also featured a fantastic MHB here.

-- C.B.