The Weekend Wrap

In his Sunday column, Andrew examined the superhuman powers of Sarah Palin. Joining the study of her lying psyche was Michelle Goldberg, Bella DePaulo, David Benjamin, and Matt Taibbi. David Nood corrected her grasp on Alaskan history while Douthat highlighted one of the true silver linings of her rise. On the news side, Palin gave her mission statement to O'Reilly and continued to trash the father of Tripp. Meanwhile, Levi's mom was sent to prison.

In other weekend coverage, Krauthammer endorsed the "show trial" meme, Liz Cheney stoked more fear, Fallows bemoaned the coverage of Obama's trip to Asia, McWhorter gave him advice on ending the drug war, and a reader provided a view from his recession. Get your weekly Jonah Lehrer fix here and here.

In assorted fun, we featured an kick-ass story of sudden fame, found a fascinating document of forgotten fame, read some terrible fictional sex, watched a cool display of imperial decline, and delivered some YouTube crack from The Wire and Mad Men.

-- C.B.