The Weekend Wrap

On the Dish over the weekend we learned that the Iranian regime threw another nuclear tantrum, the Swiss banned Muslim minarets, and "The Family" funded the horrifying anti-gay campaign in Uganda. We also tracked the EAU climate-change scandal here, here, here, and here. Also, Andrew dissected Krauthammer's latest take on the climate issue.

In other political coverage, Fallows recorded Obama's under-reported gains in Asia, a DailyKos poll showed the president's base cracking, Reihan compared healthcare reform to the Iraq invasion, and Gabriel Arana analyzed the case that could make or break gay rights at the federal level.

In cultural coverage, Tehran Bureau investigated sexting on the subway, Rachel Kramer Bussel brought some sexy sites, Matt Zoller Seitz spotlighted cooking in cinema, Matt Sigl nuked George Lucas, and Betsy Phillips fought Safran Foer and the book industry. And don't miss Hanna Rosin's report on the prosperity gospel and how it harmed the housing crisis.

In Palin postings, Andrew Halcro tore apart Going Rogue, a theocon supporter wrung his hands over the book, and the former governor kept up her quitting streak. The Dish posted two particularly unique Window Views here and here. (Buy the book version here.) In case you didn't know already, toddlers are terrible at everything. And if you missed our Thanksgiving Wrap, go here.

-- C.B.