The View From Your Turnout

Political consultant Adam Bink tweets:

Sec/State Dunlap: "Turnout might exceed 50% and hit our 2003 record of 50.9% today... bodes well for No on 1" 

Ben Smith has more. A reader writes:

They were predicting a 35% turnout in my area of small-town Maine. When we arrived at the local school gymnasium this morning, our three small children in tow, the line stretched out the door. I am nervous.

I took this photo at home, not in a polling place, and as far as I know there's nothing that contraindicates publishing a photo of an absentee ballot. In fact, they turned me away because you can't vote in person once you've requested an absentee ballot, so I came back home, filled out my ballot, and dropped it off in person.

Another writes:

Just thought I’d pass along this image of my Maine ballot. I live in Saco and proudly voted NO on 1 this morning on my way to work.

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 03 14.22

When I got to my normal polling place there were signs that said to go to a different address to vote. Apparently, all voting for Saco residents was being held at a single location this cycle which I wasn’t aware of until I arrived at my usual place. Anyhow, I went over to the other address and was able to vote without a problem. Hopefully this won’t discourage others from voting.
I must say the parking lot was absolutely packed, more so than I expected. Maybe this was a function of the single polling place in my town but maybe turnout will be above the expected. If turnout is high in Southern Maine then NO on 1 will prevail. If it’s lower than Northern Maine then it will be rejected.
Question 1 has obviously been the biggest issue on the ballot in Maine this year but there is also a medical marijuana question which you and your readers would find interesting. You can read more about it here.