The Sarah And Levi Show


Michael Wolff tries to understand this bizarre but riveting soap-opera:

It is another element of the Palin risk-taking temperament and anarchicnessshe might rightly be described as the nation’s first major anarcho-conservative politicianthat she built this domestic-political fantasy around somebody her family undoubtedly had reason to believe was uncontrollable.

Or perhaps they didn’t. Maybe they saw him just for what he obviously was, some stupid, minor, local doofus, and missed the more salient point that he was a stupid, minor, local doofus who got the joke about himself.

Of course, it may not even be Levi who got the joke. He’s surrounded now by retinues of handlers and publicity strategists who are marketing the irony that is Levialthough, to be fair, such retinues are usually not known for their sense of humor, and this Levi rollout is riotous.

A pressing American political question is about how far Sarah Palin might ultimately go. As relevant is how big Levi Johnston might get.

I don’t think at this point it’s quite possible to say who, in terms of American archetypes and media success, will come out ahead.

My money is on Levi, if he truly has the goods on Palin. If not, my money is on Levi.