The Sarah And Levi Show, Ctd

Readers react. One writes:

What has happened is that Palin has been drawn into a public battle with an unwed father and high school dropout. Worse, she's losing. I don't see how you can embarrass yourself so thoroughly and remain a national political figure, much less a credible candidate for President.

If there were any grownups left in Palin's circle, I'm sure they'd be telling her this. But if she were capable of listening, she would have figured it out for herself months ago.

I think the support for Palin among the GOP base is now a matter of identity and religion, so that no actual data could hurt her chances. In some ways, the worse she does helps her. The base sees her failings as proof that the libruls and the establishment is out to get her. I'm not sure that any revelation would hurt her now with this group. Another writes:

Is it really riveting?  You appear to be the biggest fan.  You're a hysterical queen.

Enough with the flattery. Another:

You actually think this kid has some real dirt on Palin? He's a 19 year old knucklehead who, at his best, looks confused and none too deep. What actual damage can he do to Palin? That she was rude? That she put politics in front of family? Big fucking deal. You don't actually think this kid has any insight into the inner workings of the whole Palin operation? All he is is the dumb kid than knocked up her daughter. Anyone expecting more from him is as dumb as he is.


I think your obsession with Sarah Palin is getting just a touch out of hand. She is a washed up political hack at this point and the polls show she is going nowhere. If she tosses her hat into the ring for the 2012 presidential campaign then cut lose the dogs and go after her anew.  Otherwise it's time to get on with life and other abstractions.

In my view, Palin is the unofficial head of the GOP right now and the favorite to win the nomination next time and her hand and influence is being felt in every race today. If she is even more of a fraud than now appears, it is the job of the press to ferret it out.