The Sarah And Levi Show, Ctd

A reader writes:

I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out. About Levi, that is.

Who had the power, before she left office, to spring Levi’s mom from an inconvenient meth possession and sale case? Sarah Palin. Who didn’t spring Levi’s mom? Sarah Palin.

Who was the attorney in the case involved with defending Levi’s drug trafficking mother? None other than Rex Butler, a Democratic operative from way back. Who’s representing Levi now? Same same.

Butler is basically killing two birds with one stone. I suspect that the dumbfuck kid is interested in payback because the Palin wouldn’t spring mommy (she couldn’t, that would have been leapt on by the Democrats and Obamist fellow travelers like you...) and he’s also interested in making what money he can by showing the world his Johnston.

Palin will make a statement about what Levi does once in a while but has been pretty studious in ignoring the young man since she left office. Basically, Sarah is smart enough not to stop a man from staging his own hanging. She’s also not happy about it, because the kid is, technically, “family”. He’s a dirtbag, but he’s “family”. The notion that she’s been getting down in the mud with Levi lately is the kind of shitty observation that passes for wisdom on your blog and others. She’s been ignoring Levi, and that’s not good for Levi and his people at all. Thus, the recent article and the clamoring to get on TV.

And you actually believe that Palin has legal standing to “keep” Levi from seeing Bristol’s kid when Occam’s razor suggests that it’s a device to get attention for his 16th minute?

If Sarah Palin has been "ignoring Levi" she has a very funny way of doing that. She has immediately and viscerally responded to almost every TV appearance he has made. I don't know whether Palin is grieved for family in the way my reader suggests, because, unlike my reader, I cannot know what's in her head (and am a little frightened to find out). But accusing the father of her grandson of selling his body for money does not seem like someone who is trying to keep her family together.

I repeat that I don't know what to believe about all this tit-for-tat - except that there's something out there we don't yet know about. But my money remains on Levi.