The Rules For The Oprah Interview

Here's a strange comment by Winfrey in the tiny clip we've been offered of the looming book interview. It was referring to the Katie Couric interview:

"You talk about it in the book so I assume everything in there is fair game."

One wonders: did Winfrey agree in advance that the only valid questions were about the contents of the book? Is Palin once again setting parameters for interviewers, and what they can and cannot ask? Are we going to endure that farce all over again?

The sealing of Palin off from substantive, real questions is a real issue. Now she's a celebrity and not even posing as a politician, it's less outrageous than the MSM's cowardice and weakness in the campaign. But she has not ruled out a political office in future and she sure is a political figure. We learn again that the media in this country are not actually interested in truth; they are interested in ratings and entertainment.