The Rightist Fringe In Britain

Depressions can bring out the worst in people. And the racism percolating in the London Spectator's comments sections caused Clive Davis to take a stand:

The problem, I think, is that some Speccie-ites seem to believe that generating “mischief” is all that matters.  That’s a dangerous game to play when the subject is race.  I hesitated before writing this post, partly because the people I dealt with at the Spectator were always considerate and helpful, and didn’t complain about my steady drift away from neocon orthodoxy. It’s also partly because it’s simply not the done thing for journalists to talk shop. I did cling to the faint hope that the web site would somehow clean up its act. It doesn’t seem to have happened so far.

Massie is also worried by paranoia and conspiracy theories that are on the rise in Britain as well as America.