The Review From Your Window

For reasons that took me quite by surprise, the View From Your Window feature is easily the most popular on the blog. There is no right or left to it, except visually. It can be red or blue. But it is always somewhere quite specific, where someone lives, and it seems to tell a kind of empirical truth in a very truthy world. The Dish gets emails with window views all the time. On the occasion of the publication of the "The View From Your Window", we thought we'd share a few emailed this year:

I love the feature on your site and always try to hide the place and guess where the photo was taken. I'm more often that not at least in the right ballpark. Funny how much info a picture can convey. The attached window is in Ellensburg, Wa, taken about 9:45 am.

I grew up in Telluride before the ski area went in. The photo you posted today literally caused me suck in my breath in surprise and release it with a deep smile. I've always thought these photos were neat; now I know they can also grab the heart. Thanks.

I was recently in Aksai, Kazakhstan, on business and took a picture out of the offices we were using. It's not particularly ... descript, but there's always a home for mundanity on the internet!

From Nashville on, all the recent View From Your Window pictures make my heart clench in a way that when it lets go, I feel relaxed and at peace, if only for a moment. Please stick with this feature. I do like the non-traditional (read foreign) views which challenge my idea of what a liveable neighborhood is.

I love this feature! Hope to see my backyard on your page!

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